About us

About us

Kamla Tiles & Interiors

Kamla Interior's new and improved store is designed to help you reimagine your interiors through well-thought-out mock-ups of various living spaces like the kitchen,living room,home-office and dining area. In the bigger renovated store you can expect a mix of new innovative art, artefacts, zany furniture, mirrors, and rugs, apart from the classic range. The collection has been curated from different corners of India to add the quintessential “Kamla Appeal”. 

The store also features customized solutions which can be designed and executed for interiors. The Studio has a full-time design consultant available to suggest exciting concepts for your spaces. Prepare to have your imagination unleashed.

Kamla Interiors has come up with smart space-saving, home office solutions to enable you to transform your favourite recreational space into a workspace and vice versa. Work your way to success in these trendy, smart spaces that will function only when you need them. The compact designs can be incorporated into any small space without disturbing your furniture settings.

Designing is not a profession. It is a way of life.

“Constantly learning is inevitable”

We are constantly learning and refining our's as well as other's aesthetic sensibilities.

“Kamla Interiors”

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